Q’atu Bakery

Q’atu is a space dedicated to the local farmers and producers, who every day fill our kitchens with their products.

Q’atu offers you a food proposal for the daily consumption, seeking care for your well being through the application of ecological production methods and appropriate transportation conditions. Q’atu assures you the traceability of the product that you consume.

From bakeries, pastries and sweets, to cheese and butter, smoked and cured, jams, pickles and macerated up to Müslis, granolas, flours, grains and nuts, Q’atu wants you to eat healthy and delicious food, since the moment you wake up in the morning.

Also, Q’atu offers an interesting list of handcrafted beers, high altitude wines and spirits, all produced locally.

Come and enjoy Q’atu, Q’atu is health, Q’atu is food security and sovereignty.

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