Kamilla Seidler

After opening and leading for its first years the kitchen in Restaurant Gustu and winning the Latin America’s Best Female Chef Award, Kamilla has set the foundations for a solid succession in her most advantaged chefs.

Mauricio López – Chef de Cuisine

Mauricio López, head chef at restaurant Gustu, started his studies in his native La Paz. In 2012 he was recruited by the Melting Pot Foundation to join the staff at Gustu. Mauricio made staged in restaurants like Noma, Azurmendi and Astrid y Gastón, before becoming Chef de Cuisine at Gustu in 2015, where he has discovered the value of team work, respect for his native products, people and culture.


Marsia Taha – Chef de Cuisine

Marsia, Chef de Cuisine, at Restaurant Gustu is Bolivian. She went to culinary school in La Paz and later in the Centro de Estudios Hoteleros in the Canary Islands, Spain. After working in different restaurants in Spain and Denmark, like Geist and Studio, as well as participating in the preliminary rounds of the Bocuse d’Or in 2009 and 2011, she joined Gustu in 2013 with the dream of making what she loves the most in her life: Cooking. Marsia combines her talent with a bigger dream: turning Bolivian gastronomy into a socio-economic development engine worldwide.

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