Cafeterias and schools Manq’a

The Manq’a model was designed within Gustu School, powered by the union of the Melting Pot Foundation and the Dutch Cooperation ICCOSur, which focuses on the integral development of peri-urban communities, integrating education, sustainability, synergies and local production as backbone.

Started at early 2014, Manq’a offers gastronomic basic training to youngsters with limited access to technical training programs, integrating commercial activities by implementing innovative business models such as community eateries, food for factories’ workers, takeaways, Street food, production of products for grocery stores and more.

Manq’a educational curricular has been recognized by the Ministry of Education in Bolivia, giving us the opportunity to offer valid kitchen and bakery technical certificates.

Currently Manq’a operates 10 coffee shops / schools in Bolivia, 8 in the city of El Alto and 2 at Huarina and Laja communities located in the Bolivian Andes, besides an eleventh, located in the area of Patio Bonito in Kennedy south of Bogota, Colombia.

Manq’a projects to initiate activities in the cities of Sucre in Bolivia and Cali in Colombia during 2016, hoping to train more than 3,000 youngsters, till the date.

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