Melting Pot Foundation

The Melting Pot foundation is a non-for-profit organization established by Danish entrepreneur Claus Meyer with the aim of improving future opportunities and quality life of communities from vulnerable sectors, through initiatives that have food, deliciousness and entrepreneurialism as recurring elements.

In 2010, Claus Meyer established Melting Pot in Denmark, through the development of various educational activities for children, all related to food. Among Melting Pot initiatives in Denmark is the strategic alliance with the Danish prison system, where Melting Pot has developed a program for social reintegration, based on the creation of food schools within the prisons in that country, having graduated approximately 250 inmates to date.

Melting Pot Bolivia

The first activity of the foundation outside Denmark took place in La Paz, Bolivia. With the support of Danish NGO IBIS, in 2012 Melting Pot-Bolivia was established with the aim of exploring the biological diversity, cultural richness and Bolivian food heritage, in order to steer a national socio-economic sustainable development.

The first project in Bolivia was the Gustu School, which sought to train young Bolivians with fewer opportunities in the areas of kitchen and bakery; because of its wide acceptance and rapid development, Gustu School decanted into three units, Restaurant Gustu, Cafeterias and Schools Manq’a and Gustu Training Center.

Melting Pot-Bolivia, along with a relevant group of entities, founded and leads MIGA Civil Association (Gastronomic Integration Movement), entity that seeks the appreciation of the Bolivian Food Regional Heritage, through the generation of healthy and respectful relationships between different actors within the value chain. Also, through MIGA, Melting Pot-Bolivia, has been co-host of the gastronomic festival Tambo, annual event held since 2012, which offers to the participants, a producers market, a food fair and a gastro-academic symposium, seeking the generation of business relations and productive discussions about possible improvements in private investments and / or government

Melting Pot USA

The foundation will soon begin activities in New York City, through the opening of a cooking school, a bakery and a community eatery in the community of Brownsville, located in Brooklyn.

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