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Menu Bolivia

Menu Bolivia | 560 Bs

Beverage Pairing | 290 Bs

Menu Bolivia available

only for dinner

Menu Bolivia Short Version

Menu Bolivia Short Version | 430 Bs

Beverage Pairing | 185 Bs

Menu Bolivia Corto available

for both lunch and dinner.

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The tasting menu of your choice will

be requested by the whole table.


Prices are quoted in Bolivianos (BOB) and

are subject to seasonal change.


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Platos ligeros

Colors of Quinoa, Fava Bean Emulsion, Miso | 44 Bs

Ostrich Tartar with Capers and Maca Emulsion | 52 Bs

Textures of Corn, Herbs | 48 Bs

Native Potatoes, Crispy Chicken Skin Toffee | 44 Bs

Platos fuertes

Grilled Oyster Mushrooms, Callampa Broth, Tuta | 94 Bs

Trout Poached in Tumbo, Fermented Ají, Fried Llullucha | 108 Bs

Grilled Pork, Hibiscus Gel, Crunchy Amazonian Potatoes | 108 Bs

Amazonian Fish, Yuca Zonzo, Coconut | 118 Bs

Braised Beef, Baked Isaño, Pickled Radish  | 108 Bs


Chirimoya Sorbet, Meringue, Fruits | 44 Bs

Goats Milk Yogurt, Papalisa Ice Cream | 44 Bs

Pickled Kari Kari, Baked White Chocolate Ganache | 48 Bs

Mushroom Ice Cream, Mushroom Stems, Mushroom Toffee  | 41 Bs