The restaurant

Gustu restaurant was established in early 2013, aiming to become a showcase of the great potential of Bolivia’s production, culture and biodiversity.

We work uniquely and exclusively with Bolivian products seeking appreciation and recognition of the local production and the hands that make it possible.

We seek to understand Bolivia from its dry and cold Andean landscapes, to its bleary and rich Amazonian rivers, going through the fresh and warm valleys vegetation, but never forgetting its people.

Our purpose is to propose to our guests, a culinary offer that aims to support the development of a more accurate perception of the local products and flavours.

The cellar and the bar

It is essential for us to recognize the hard work developed within all disciplines.

Our cellar recognizes the path throughout history, which the Bolivian wine regions have lived since the arrival of the Jesuits.

Today, Bolivia enjoys one of the most impressive wine regions in the continent, offering high quality altitude wines, produced from local strains.

Throughout this recognition, we have been able to gather over 3.000 bottles from over 100 Bolivian labels, in our cellar.

We have also recognized the delicate and elegant production process, required to produce Singani, a Bolivian distillate with appellation d’origine contrôlée (AOC) (Controlled Designation of Origin).

With a strong floral scent and fresh fruit tones, Singani achieved to placed itself as best world distillate.

Made from one single grape, Moscatel de Alexandria, emblem of Bolivia and its people, we decided to recognize the privilige of working with this product by offering to Singani, its own space, GustuBar.


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