We are a family of gastronomic activities, which support and steer between each other, basing our actions in socially responsible initiatives.

We believe that Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) should be the reason of “being” of any business unit and not a department or secondary budget.

For us CSR are sustainable actions that seek environmental conservation and integral development of the communities and people close by, CSR is not welfarism is sustainability.


“We believe we can change the world through food”.


“To strengthen, through training and empowerment, a gastronomic movement in Bolivia, generating a socio-economic, sustainable impact”.

Our Corporate Social Responsibility approach focuses on three areas

Labour – We seek to empower and improve professional skills and competencies of young Bolivians, offering tools and appropriate working environments, which will encourage the leaders and entrepreneurs of the future.

Suppliers – We generate respectful relationships with each of our suppliers, seeking to consolidate the Bolivian productive chain, beginning with the boost of fair business activities.

Environment – Each and every one of us are responsible for the environment around us, we seek to take advantage of the resources offered in a sustainable manner, ensuring the implementation of green practices.

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